Pastor Don Bergstrom's Message

Dear Church Family,
Being with you for three Sundays in May was an honor, and I am sure we will say the same after our fourth Sunday here, June 2nd. On Sunday, June 9, I will be speaking in Jackalope Square during the 10:00 a.m. combined Community Worship Service, and I hope to see you there.

The next day, June 10, Debi and I leave for Texas for a grandson's wedding, followed by family visits (we have four children in TX). From there, we are headed to Florida to visit more family, then to Albuquerque to visit another grandson. We plan to return by July 8. On Sunday, July 14, I will be preaching in Worland, WY.

Just a word of clarification; I am a semi-retired minister in the Church of God, although I was recently an interim at the Douglas Congregational Church for sixteen months. In the Church of God, I was a lead pastor for thirty-eight years in OR, CA and TX. In 2015, I became an associate pastor at Highland Park Church in Casper (part of the denomination I am with), hoping to slow down a bit (I am 77 years old). I fulfilled my promised five years at Highland Park, then moved to Douglas to be closer to some of our family. 

I am also the Regional Pastor for the Churches of God in WY. Our denomination has only six congregations in the State, so that role is very part time, at least most of the time. However, we now have several churches without pastors. When we return from our trip, I may be traveling on weekends to Riverton to fill the pulpit there, until God sends them another pastor. This is something I had discussed with several of you before I agreed to these four Sundays.  If God sends a pastor to Riverton sooner than later, then our future is flexible.


We have loved being here with you and, no matter what the future holds, you will remain in our prayers.

With appreciation for you,
Pastor Don Bergstrom