Happy February from One Church Council! Where did January go! It seems to have zipped by as those of us in Wyoming tried to stay warm for several days. We hope that this newsletter finds all of you healthy.

Your council met with a representative from Blackburn Foundation after he had looked at the leak in the basement and then surveyed the outside of the church. We have some concrete that has pulled away from the building and can be repaired with the use of a foam and sealing all joints. The council decided to do the entire building for a cost of $16, 637.46 after reviewing two other options that would have done only a portion of the building. This bid also includes some work in the courtyard to level the cement walk. This work will be done this spring.

Lorraine is working with Lumen to continue the use of our church phone number when we switch to Vyve and a cell phone. The land line does not receive many calls, and many of those are spam. With a cell phone Lorraine can take calls while she is working in the sanctuary setting up the Sunday service or in one of the other rooms. The entire cost of the switch to Vyve and cost of a cell phone will save us about fifty percent of the cost of Lumen and Century Link. We are also adding internet service to Nana’s.

Ariana has signed a new contract with FUMC for $1000 a month rent. OCC members met with her and explained all of the contract details and will work with her to make the basement more child friendly.

One Church Council decided to place $100,000 from the sale of the parsonage into a CD at Converse County Bank. It is a twelve-month CD with an interest rate of 4.25%. There is no penalty for withdrawal. The remainder of the sale was placed into maintenance for the church.

The prayer room is just waiting for the rubber molding to be installed since the old needed to be removed to install the new flooring. Cindy and Lorraine have done a beautiful job in this room. Once the furniture is returned, please stop and see it. The prayer room is the room with the fireplace. One half of the room is also dedicated to history of the church. Volunteers are needed to set this up.

Lorraine, Cindy, and Connie have been cleaning other rooms behind the sanctuary and would appreciate any help that can be given. Items have piled up over the years, and major cleaning is needed. If you can help, please see one of these ladies.

Easter is on the fifth Sunday of the month this year. OCC decided to have a potluck with the ham being furnished by the church. The residents of Irwin Towers are being invited to join us that Sunday. Please plan to attend and help us reach out into the community.

Have a wonderful month and please know that your council wants to hear from you. Our budget is stable, and the council is working to make services available and to take care of our building. We want to thank our congregation for the many blessings given.

Connie Woehl
OCC Chairperson