• New Prayer Room/History Room
  • New Prayer Room/History Room

The end of April brought us some much needed rain so look forward to green lawns and pastures and
the planting of flowers and veggies and hopefully warmer weather.

One Church Council met on April 17 for its monthly meeting.  We planned a farewell potluck for Zane
Rusk for the last Sunday in April as he will not be with us as he has been elected an elder in his church.
We have been so blessed to have Zane with us.  His sermons were always filled with guidance and
scriptures from the Bible. It was also exciting to see him grow in his sermons over the months. We will
miss him.

We have been blessed to find a replacement minister.  Pastor Don Bergstrom, a retired Congregational
minister living in Douglas will begin on Mother’s Day, May 12.  Our council is blessed to have Gay Bolln
as the chairperson of SPRC; she has found both Zane and Don through he connections.

Mountain Sky Annual Conference will be in Casper June 19-23.  We will be represented by Cindy
Barnard.  Lorraine has submitted her application to be an equalization representative.

Anita Hollon, Cindy Barnard, Lorraine Eaton, and I set up the history portion of the prayer room.  Lorraine
had found very interesting items upstairs.  Please take the time to check out the ledgers and rules of the
early church; they are fascinating to read.  Our church was founded in 1888, two years before Wyoming
became a state!

We are looking for back-up individuals who are interested in learning the computer system for Sunday
services.  There are several Sundays this year when Lorraine will not be available due to family activities.
The duties are handling the slides and the music.  Lorraine will have everything ready so it is just running
the equipment.  If you are blessed with some talent and experience in this area, please let Lorraine
know, and she will meet with you to show you the steps.

Blackburn Construction has scheduled us June 10-12 for work on the foundation and courtyard to seal
the building at the ground level and to eliminate the dip in the courtyard.

The council is also looking into sealing the windows in the area by the office that look out on the
courtyard as there is leaking occurring when it rains.  We are also researching new chairs for the
fellowship hall.  The ones we are using are beginning to get loose screws and have paint on them.  They
just can’t be cleaned again.  We have individuals who are ready to donate $1800 of the cost. If you are
interested in donating money for these 60 chairs, please let Lorraine or Connie know.  We are looking at
folding chairs that are welded after Gary Felton advised us against legs screwed on because of liability

We hope that each of you has a blessed month of May and feels our Lord as the earth warms up, trees
leaf out, and flowers bloom!

God Bless!

Connie Woehl
Chairperson of One Church Council