• New Prayer Room/History Room
  • New Prayer Room/History Room

Happy June to Everyone!


The grass is green and being mowed, the flowers and gardens are being planted, and the weather seems to realize that it is time to warm up! I hope that all of you are enjoying some time outside and the beautiful smells of late spring!


We have been enjoying sermons by Pastor Bergstrom. If you have not heard him, he brings interesting topics and explanations of the scriptures to our services. We have seen several new faces since his time with us. He will be on vacation for most of June, but we hope he will return to us in July.


OCC held their regular monthly meeting on May 15th with George Smith, Rita Russell, Warren Tieberg, Anita Hollon, Cindy Barnard, and Lorraine Eaton present.


This month is Mountain Sky Annual Conference in Casper. Our representatives are Cindy, Lay person; and Lorraine, Equalization; I will relate their news in the next newsletter.


The board voted to purchase a laptop from Lorraine as the church’s laptop is not working correctly in the sanctuary.


If you haven’t been in the church in the past week, the board voted to replace the fellowship chairs because of safety matters as the screws were loosening. Sixty new folding chairs have arrived and were mostly paid for by donations. We would like to thank those who donated to the new purchase.


We would also like to thank Anita Hollon for purchasing a new 40-cup coffee pot for the fellowship hall as the old one was leaking.


If you have not heard and know Pastor Bob and Julie Firebaugh, they lost their six-year-old granddaughter to an accident on her swing. OCC donated $100 to the Go Fund Me account for her expenses due to Pastor Firebaugh ministering in our church.


Blackburn Repairs will be sealing the building foundation and doing some work in the courtyard in the middle of June. We are trying to stop water leakage into the basement and raising the courtyard sidewalk so that rain and melted snow doesn’t accumulate in a pond.


Connie Woehl, OCC chairperson