• Ernie Couch & Revival - September 30th at 6 p.m. Join us for Gospel Inspiration

I believe there is a hint of early fall in the air. I pray that gardens are producing and that all of you are
healthy and enjoying life.

We had looked into less expensive insurance for the church, but we couldn’t find a policy that covered
the same and was cheaper so we will be staying with Church Mutual for the upcoming year as we
continue to research other policies.

With the research of Lorraine, we are saving money with our phone and internet service. We have been
with Century Link/Lumen, which was costing $487.76 per month. Vyve will give us the same service for
$252.85, a savings of $2,818.92 yearly!

We were presented bills from Kaspar Heating and Air Conditioning and Energy Electric Services. Both
bills came in much lower than were quoted! The remainder of the funds will be used to seal the ceiling
where the swamp coolers were and re-tile that area.

The Sanctuary steps have been measured, and railings are being constructed. This project is also being
paid for from the Church Improvement Fund.

Your council is really focused on keeping up with the building’s needs but being financially stable. We
will be developing a budget for the upcoming year in November and December. 

At our next meeting, September 28th, we will be electing new officers in preparation for our annual conference meeting with District Superintendent Mark Calhoun and the congregation. Please remember that all are welcome to attend the OCC meetings, which begin at 10 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month. The date has changed so that we can review complete income and expenses for the month.

We hope you have an enjoyable month of September. If you haven’t joined us, please come. The
congregation is doing an outstanding job of handling the services, and Zane Rusk gives thoughtful and
educational sermons on the last Sunday of each month. Everyone is so helpful; it feels more like a
family since we aren’t relying on just one person.


Connie Woehl

One Church Council Chair